The Life and Times of the Youngs:Ken, DeNeise, Latissa & Scott, Jorden, Landon and Kylie

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Here are the life and times of the Ken and DeNeise Young family - some of the highlights over the last few years.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting Started...

So here we go. Here are the life and times of the Ken and DeNeise Young family - at least some of the highlights. These first pictures were taken over the last year or so. Latissa married Scott, Jorden graduated from high school, Landon started high school and Kylie's in 6th grade. Ken and DeNeise just try to keep up with it all.


Latissa and Scott Graham said...

I am so excited you guys started a blog! Yay for my parents entering the blogging world!! It is so fun. A journal, a marking, a history of happenings for all to see. Its fun!

AZ Wrights said...

Wow! You kids are all growing up!! What are Jorden's plans?? And where is Latissa living??

The Youngs said...

Hello! Yup. Sometimes you can't wait for them to grow up, and then all of the sudden it happens and you wonder what happened to the time! Latissa lives in Orem - we see them frequently. Jorden is working for a year and plans to go ona mission.

Jordenpianoman said...

Go mom and dad finally getting into the technology of life! yay!